Mark & Susie Watson “…Thank you so much for all your help on the day. You were such a calming influence amongst all our crazy family members and friends and we really appreciated it…” September 2016

James & Katie Neale “…A huge thank you for your hard work last weekend, we so enjoyed the day and you made it all incredibly relaxed and easy. The black and white print from our engagement shoot that you brought with you was fantastic, a great idea using it with a mount for our guests’ messages, thank you…” September 2016

Sarah & Adam Holgate “…The video highlights and gallery are fabulous - thank you very, very much!…” October 2015

Ginny & James Lort “…Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job at our wedding. You were unbelievably discrete and the photographs are amazing...” September 2015

MOB “…Your photographs look superb! Thank you so much Barney, we’re so excited about the album too which arrived yesterday!  I absolutely love it, bless you. What a happy day it was!...” September 2015

Jennifer & Christopher Stevenson “…The pictures are FAB, I think I've looked through them about 5 times. Thank you!...Thank you again Barney! That highlights reel is so lovely too…” October 2015

Doug & Julia Elvidge “…Thank you so much for the photos, we love them!  They are fabulous, my mother has been showing them to anyone and everyone she can persuade to sit still for more than 10 seconds!" August 2015

William & Catherine Surman  “…Hi Barney, thank you so  much for the wonderful photos and also for being so great to have around on the day, thanks again…”  January 2015

Vaughan & Alexander Stiglingh “…Barney the gallery is really amazing. Thank you so much…We got the cards thanks, they are great!... By the way loads of people have complimented you on the wedding so thank you... great job!!...” November 2014

MOB “…Thank you Barney, they are great memories! Best Wishes….” November 2014

Tobias & Zayne Mews “…Awesome photographs! Thank you for all your efforts!...” September 2014

Philippa & Napier Bonnet “…Barney they are completely wonderful!!! Thank you, thank you so so so much. They really are gorgeous, stunning!...” September 2014

Noel & Sini Baggott “…Hi Barney, thank you so much!! Absolutely beautiful photos!!...”

“…Just to say again that they are absolutely amazing photographs!!! I really am speechless, thank you so much! It is like Christmas as a child…”
“…I have also shown photos to my friends and family and everyone loves them…” September 2014

Amy & Olly Clarke “…Thank you Barney, they all look great!...” September 2014

Ed & Elisabeth Green “…The photos you have taken of the wedding are really lovely – we are thrilled with them and we are very much looking forward to sharing them with our friends and family and also choosing pictures for the album – exciting!...”

MOB: “…Thank you - you have perfectly captured the atmosphere of a very happy wedding…” August 2014

Fran & Mat Johnson “…Wow! The photographs are absolutely amazing and have brought a tear to my eye! Thank you so much!...” August 2015

“…We’ve just been looking at our wedding photos - such good times. They are beautiful and make us so happy every time we look at them….Looking forward to hopefully bumping into you in the near future at a wedding…” December 2015

MOB: “…Leaving for the airport, the bride's final instruction was "Before you do anything else please email Barney and say he was AMAZING"....and, as I totally agree, that is what I am doing!   Thank you so much seemed to be both invisible but still everywhere all day!...”

MOB: “…It was a brilliant day - you worked so hard in that unbelievable heat (but so much better than rain).  I love the photos of the party part of the day that I have seen.   We have had fabulous feedback and I hope you might get some bookings as a spin-off.  Just wish we had another daughter for you to photograph!!!  Any time you need someone to give a personal recommendation I would be more than happy to do so…” July & August 2014

George & Vanessa “…Thank you for the highlights video - they are lovely!...” August 2014

Sammy & Jamie Squires “…Thank you once again for everything…” July 2014

Ella & Richard Ellis “…Wow!!! Thank you so much Barney!! We love the reel you have put together!! Thank you very much for sending us the link to our photo gallery! You have taken some really great ones, especially during and after the church service and have really captured the essence of the day!...” July 2014

Emily & Sebastian Norman “…I had a look last night at the online photos. They look great. I didn't even realise you took some of the ones of me!...”

MOB: “…What wonderful photographs, it has completely captured Emily & Sebastian's wedding, thank you so much...” June 2014

Jonny & Chloe Sedler “…Thanks Barney! The highlights look really great - Can't wait to see more now :)…I've only just sat down to look at pics properly from the CD - they really are great, thank you very much indeed….” May 2014

Rupert & Alice Dadak “…Thank you so so so so much for everything over the wedding weekend Barney - it was brilliant to have you there….We absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE all your pictures! They are just what we wanted and more!...We are so happy with the photos - Alice and I will both be big advocates!...” October 2013

Simon & Judith Clarkson “…Just been browsing through them all, we are so thrilled with the photos. Amazing, they are fantastic! We are over the moon!...” September 2013

Richard & Anna Campo “…Just wanted to say thank you again for some excellent work on this. Absolutely love the video! We were very happy with what you have put together, there are some great shots of the day so thank you very much again…” June 2013

Ben & Emily Stirk “…Loving all the photos!...Thanks for sending through the link to our gallery - loving what you have done with the photographs!...” June 2013

Suzanne & Jack Sangster “…Thanks so much for yesterday Barney. You were excellent and your great pictures match your efforts!...” May 2013

Hamish & Julianne Stewart “…You have managed to make a lot of women cry today! All my friends, family and colleagues who I've sent the link to have absolutely loved it and told me its reduced them to tears! I must admit, I find it very emotional watching too. Reckon I must have played it at least 40 times today. It really is fantastic. Thank you!...” April 2013

Claudia & James O’Neill “…We really appreciate you sending the highlights reel through, we have watched it 5 times already! You really have captured some great images. Can't wait to see the rest!....

“…Barney they are fabulous! We love them, thank you…”. January 2013

“…Barney, we are thrilled with the album. Thank you so much for making it so special…”May 2013

Sarah Eason (M of B) “…I am not sure I ever thanked you properly for the absolutely superb wedding albums and all the wonderful photographs on that magical day for all of us….Thank you so much again for your huge input on the day!…” January 2013

Rose & James Kenning “… Just had a quick look at the online gallery - they're great, I'm so pleased with them. We’re looking forward to printing them from the CD as well….” November 2012

“…Thank you again for all your amazing efforts at the wedding party…Just had a look at the photos, they are exceptional !!!!!!!!!!!, Epic !!! Many thanks for everything!!!...” January 2013

Jessica & Peter Rogers “…We absolutely love the photos !..” November 2012

Katie & Rodney Crouch “…I wanted to say how thrilled Rodney & I are with the photos you took for us…” October 2012

Laura & Mark Morris “…Absolutely amazing. We love them all. Brilliant….September 2012

Nicholas & Kate Hill “…Our photographs are amazing and we're recommending you left right and centre wherever we go…” September 2012

Catherine & Philip Kennard “…The photographs look wonderful! Thank you…” August 2012

Sophie & Jonathan “…These photographs are wonderful - thank you so much. Jonathan and I are both delighted; it was a lovely day, and you've captured it perfectly…” August 2012

Mary & Michael “…I have loved looking through the pictures- so lovely, thanks Barney. It's so really great to see them – it feels like we get to relive the day and they are beautiful…” July 2012

Lizzie & Will “…We have had a look through all the photos and they all look great…” July 2012

Ruairi & Rosie Higgins “...Thanks Barney – the highlights reel brought a smile to our faces, we just got back from honeymoon. The photos look great…. Thanks again for all your work on the day - both of us were very pleased with the direction when we needed it and the lack of when we didn't!...” July 2012

Sophie & Jacques Keller “…Thanks so much for all your hard work – the gallery looks great there are lots and lots of fantastic ones!...” July 2012

James & Eezy “…Great photos and the album looks fab, many thanks…” April 2012

Tamsin & Tom Keogh “…The highlights reel is incredible, it brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it!…” December 2011

Tom & Lucinda Kondys “…We are very happy with the photos from the day and are looking forward to producing our album. We also thought the highlights video was great so many thanks again…” December 2011

Doug & Ceri King “…Thanks SO MUCH Barney, they are wonderful!!...” November 2011

Amanda and Ralph Robertson  “…We are having great fun looking through the wedding photographs. There are some great photos which really captured the emotion of the day...” September 2011

Clare & Mark Cripps “…Dear Barney, you were brilliant yesterday - thank you very much. You were so discreet and really put us all at ease when we did see you! ….Can't wait to see all the shots…” August 2011

Darya & Francois Popon “…Thank you very much Barney for the wonderful photos! They look great! We really, really enjoyed looking at them and have been in tears. Thanks a lot! We are very happy! You’ve done a great job! Very talented!...” July 2011

Rosie & Andrew Willcock “…Oh Barney, just had to drop a quick note to say that we thought you were incredible yesterday, thank you! And thanks for tolerating everyone. It was fairly obvious but I had the BEST day!! We'll catch up in a couple of weeks….

We would like to re iterate how totally fantastic we thought you were at the wedding and we're really chuffed with the photographs. You really blended in and got some great shots to remind us of the day. We loved every minute of the wedding and seeing the photos just brings it all back... as well as letting us see some perspectives we otherwise wouldn't have…” July 2011

Emilie & Dan Childs “…The highlights reel is absolutely FANTASTIC!! Thank you! It's got us ridiculously excited about seeing the rest of the shots - can't wait….”. “…Thank you so much for all our pictures - they are amazing, we love them!! June 2011

Julian & Emma Hull “…I've just cried at my desk at work - the photos are amazing so far!! And you've got some great one's of the important people too whether you knew it or not! Can't wait to see the rest of them, I'm grinning ear to ear!! …..”

“…Just had a sneak peek at the photographs online, they look really great!!...” June 2011

James & Payel Bullock “…Thank you so much for the wonderful photos and you really were great on the wedding day….” June 2011

Keith & Sophy Moynagh “…the highlights reel is fabulous and we love all our photographs…” “…Just a note to say the album looks fantastic. Thanks so much for your help with everything - we are thrilled with our pictures and the lasting memory that they have given us…” May 2011

Claire & Robert Maclean “…Thank you so much - these are GREAT! You are an absolute super star! Your photos also provide some wonderful memories of the day and their production values are unquestionably excellent! …. Thank you so much again for all your amazing work on our big day! It was wonderful to have you as our photographer and you did such a fab job!….” April 2011

Matt & Liz Girling “…What about that highlights reel you sent!! What truly superb pictures. We couldn't be happier. Cannot wait to see the rest!.... Liz Girling “…I just wanted to say thanks so much for the slideshow you sent us, the photos are brilliant….” April 2011

Sophie & Adam Luckie “…Thanks for the link to the images, they are great…” March 2011

Chris & Edwina Blackford “…The photos look great and we just can’t believe it’s all over. We had a great day and can’t thank you enough for keeping us calm, especially throughout the group photographs!...” January 2011

Ben & Mairi White “…Thanks again for everything on the day, I know you had a lot of haring around to do - but the photos look great, it is fantastic to see them…” November 2010

Fiona & John Allan-Smith “…THANK YOU so, so much for Saturday, you were so brilliant and I hope it wasn't too hectic and crazy for you.  We had a complete blast and (as you could probably tell...!) really enjoyed the day.  I love the photographs (it's very lovely of you to say we look like film stars!  If we do it's because you MADE us look like that!!)…” October 2010

“…Every time I look at the photographs it makes me smile so much and you were so great in making it fun and not at all weird having our pictures taken (I wondered if it might be).  The results are amazing - such a special memory of our day…” November 2010

Nicko & Rosie Kennedy “…Our album looks great! We’re really pleased with all our wedding photographs, thank you, thank you!...” September 2010

Simon & Annabel Tyndall “…Thank you so much Barney; the photos are really lovely….” August 2010

Tom & Penny Telford “…The photos look really great! Some great shapes been thrown on the dance floor later on!…” June 2010

Simon & Abbie Walker “…We have had a chance to look at the photos on your website and we are really pleased with them so thank you for everything you did on the day and also for staying as late as you did in the evening…. Once again, thank you so much for capturing all the highlights of our wedding, we thoroughly enjoyed the day…” April 2010

Mike & Alice Holyoak “…Thank you again for all your hard work on the big day we really appreciated it and we are really pleased with the photos…” January 2010

Julia & Neil Jones “…We are really pleased with them and I have forwarded the link to everyone…. Thanks so much once again for doing such a fantastic job…” November 09

Pete & Lavinia Phipson "…I wanted to thank you in person, we love all the photographs and there are so many wonderful moments that you’ve captured and shots where I’ve thought – I had no idea that was happening & how on earth did you catch that great expression. I look at the gallery everyday, so thank you thank you thank you…" October ‘09

“…Thank you so much for the wedding album, it tells a great story through beautiful photos and we totally love it. Masses of thanks and look forward to seeing you at upcoming weddings …” May 2010

Stella & Ravi Sinha "…We are really thrilled with all the photographs…" October ‘09

Emma & Ben Knott "…they are fantastic photos and we are really pleased with them…" September ‘09

David & Lucy Shaw "…Our wedding photographs are wonderful…" September ‘09

Guy & Katie Adams "...Thank you so much for last weekend - it really was the best two days ever for us. We had such an amazing weekend and many people commented on how considerate you were; you were just as unobtrusive as promised! … Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness and the time you put into planning it with us, as well as your patience. The photographs look great, and it's going to be very hard to pick..." July ‘09

Rhona & John Glazebrook "...what a fantastic, fantastic job you did, you were an absolute legend and couldn't have had anyone better or nicer do the job on the day...many thanks from us both…We have had a lot of fun looking through the pictures; there are some absolute corkers. I just loved all of them. You are a genius. Thank you thank you thank you…” July ‘09

Hannah & Piers Bucknall "...Thank you so much for being a great photographer last Saturday and such a nice guy. I have to say it was really great to have you around! We had such a wonderful day. You even managed to track down the missing confetti luckily!..." June ‘09

Liam & Polly Wholey “…We honestly can not thank you enough for all of your hard work and professionalism which were utterly indispensable and were remarked upon by everyone...we are really, really, really happy with our wedding photographs..."June ‘09

Fred & Lucy Renton "...We are really delighted with all the photos, they look great and really capture a fantastic day… You will be pleased to hear that we have also had really good feedback from our friends who have now seen the photos also...We really are grateful for the time and thought that went into the photography – the end result is just as we hoped, thank you so much…” May ’09

Emma & Alexander Watson “…We really love the pictures, we have had many comments on them…it’s great to have the CD…” April ’09

Liz & Tony Finch “…Thanks for the link to our on-line gallery, we are really pleased with the photographs, the images really captured the day for us, and there is lots to choose from, so all very exciting you did a really good job…” March ‘09

Mathew & Julie Chandler “…thanks for putting the photos up - they're really great!... Thank you so much for the truly outstanding photographs – you made us look better than we do in real life!…” February ‘09

Ivan & Libby Hemesley “…I just wanted to thank you so much for Jan 10th.  Sorry to have picked what seemed like the coldest day! It was truly wonderful - I had a look at your website and it was lovely to see the pictures….” January ‘09

Emily & Richard Prideaux “…We wanted to say an ENORMOUS thank you for everything you did for us on and in the lead up to our wedding day. It was quite simply the best day of our lives - would love to do it all over again and you contributed hugely to it! We have just had a look at the photos on line and they're FANTASTIC! We are so so pleased with them…they are great and just what we hoped for. They really do capture the day completely! January ‘09

Helen & Nicholas Diggle “…They are wonderful!!! thanks so much…I absolutely love the ones of my nieces getting ready with their ballet shoes, utterly adorable….Really, thank you very much indeed…” September ‘08

Louise & Ed Nelson "...We’re really pleased with all the photographs, they’re wonderful, thank you for everything..." September ’08

Tor & Robert James "...Thank you so very much for all you did at our wedding - not to mention all of the wonderful pictures. Thank you...” Aug ‘08

Sienna & Mark Elderkin "...We wanted to let you know that we absolutely loved the photos!…We are both very pleased with the results, you were always discrete and in the background all day..." July ‘08

Mark & Ella Williams “…Thanks again for being so patient on the day and for providing us with lots of wonderful memories...When I saw the photographs for the first time on-line, I was smiling at everyone, and I still do! So thanks again for doing such a fab job and for all your hard work…we’re so pleased with the photos…” June ‘08

Verity & Jonathan Barclay “…Many thanks for the photographs, I’ve just been through the gallery three times already and I‘m loving them!…” June ‘08

Richard & Sabrina Bolt “…I'm a bit speechless really.. they are awesome. Thank you soooo much for capturing the feel of the day perfectly…” June ‘08

Sarah & Tom Kemp "...We are so thrilled with the photos, I look at them every day and love showing them to my colleagues...Our album is absolutely stunning, it’s a work of art and we will treasure it…" June ‘08

Sophie & Barney James “...We have started to look through our wedding photographs and have cried twice already. I've just sent out my new husband for more champagne. We love them, thank you, thank you, thank you...” May ‘08

Thomas & Maria-Elena Davies “…We were so pleased that you were able to photograph our wedding. An outstanding piece of work, we are delighted with our photographs, you did a great job...” March ’08

George & Camilla Gray “…The photos are great - thanks so much, we thought that you were brilliant - everyone commented on how you well you fitted in and since seeing the photos we are all so happy with them ! …..Again thanks so much Barney we are really happy with how everything turned out…a million thanks...” December ‘07

George & Melissa Apsion “…Even with severe jet lag we stayed up looking through all the photos on the internet, they are really amazing and so well composed…..Thank you so much for everything – we love the photos…” November ‘07

“…We are all thrilled with the pictures, thank you again for all your help on the big day…” December ‘07

Nick & Karina Alun-Jones “…I must say that you were a complete star on the day, handling everything with wonderful professionalism and charm…” November ‘07

Rosi & Stephen O’Neill “… Have been going through all our photographs and they are fantastic…” September ‘07

Antony & Georgina Millington “…thank you very much, the pictures are fabulous…” August ‘07

Chris & Tracy Watkinson “…The photos are just fantastic – thank you so much for perfectly capturing the day…” August ‘07

Anna & Nick Morgan “…We just wanted to say thank you for your help with making the photographs a painless part of the day. You were an absolute star…” August ‘07

George & Sara Hamilton “…Thanks so much for the photographs Barney – we absolutely love them!…” August ‘07

Gayle & Gordon Adam…We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your amazing photos and for being so fantastic on the day…” July ‘07

Harry & Camilla Colvin “…We love all the photos from our wedding, they could not be more perfect, they are absolutely stunning…thank you so so much…” July ‘07

Annie & Alex Kuropatwa “…I have spent most of the morning looking at your wonderful pictures - they really are fantastic - thank you so much, I'm really chuffed with them. Thanks again for doing such a brilliant job…” May ’07 “…you've massively over-delivered so thanks again….” June ’07

Sam & Garry McQueen “…The photos are stunning! Thank you so much…” March ‘07

Ben & Nikki Mander “…You do an amazing job. You’ve done an amazing job…” Feb ‘07

Graham & Lorna Hann “…We looked through the pictures last night - we love them, thank you so much for doing such a terrific job…” Jan ‘07

Ali & Richard Capper “… Thank you for a first class job. Our wedding photographs are beautiful, they really captured the atmosphere of the day…” August ‘06

Ed & Judith Tytherleigh “…The photos have been done brilliantly…we are delighted with all of them…” Sept ‘06

Holly & Justin Kingsford “…the photos are all fantastic- we are really pleased with them…” August 2006

Matt & Nicky Richards “…We have received our wedding photographs and they are fantastic! An absolutely superb job…” July ‘06

Clive & Philippa Savage “… Wow - Barney, lost for words...they are absolutely amazing and surpass all expectation! A huge big thank you to you - both for doing a fantastic job on the day and congratulations on the result - some really amazing shots and the whole thing captured in a way I could never have imagined. Well done you and big huge thanks again…” July ‘06

Louise & Keir Hall “…we are both so incredibly grateful for taking such wonderful photographs which we’ll refer to for many years. They are the perfect record of the perfect day. You were so professional and unobtrusive…” April ‘06

Chris & Rachel Pawson “…You did a wonderful job….thanks so much for the photos again. They look wonderful and it’s so nice to be able to re-live the day…” Sept ‘05